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Nie ma jeszcze tłumaczenia

The Mission of the WIS Library is to establish an inviting and dynamic learning environment and to provide services that support and enhance teaching, literacy, and learning in support of the Primary Years and Middle Years IBO Programs.

Both school campuses have international libraries. The WIS library holds over 11 000 volumes, and its collection continues to grow. The WIS students also use the WIS Library Online Catalog and the Library Media Center. In addition to print resources, the library has access to six research databases and two e-book portals via the internet. Students, parents, and staff may access these using a specific username and password at any time of the day and any day of the week.

The main school library (Zielinskiego Campus) is open for general use weekdays from 08.30-16.00.  Each class has the opportunity to visit the library on a weekly basis and is provided with a time to browse and check out books. Library skills are incorporated into the regular curriculum.

You can enter the catalogue of our library here: